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Newcastle Consulting


What we do
We help you solve those often difficult people problems that stand in the way of doing business.

Why work with us?
We’ve been there before; your difficult people problems are new and unique to your company, but we’ve helped hundreds like you figure it out, get it resolved, and get back to taking care of business. Through us, you get to learn from their mistakes and their successes.   

How we work

Even though difficult people problems can seem insurmountable, they rarely are. With our coaching and training, managers are able to address even the most long-standing and deep rooted problems.

  • First, we help you identify the real issues, not just the symptoms.
  • Second, we review best practices, what’s worked for others, and your unique circumstances… until its clear which solutions are right for you.
  • Third, we work with you and your employees until those solutions are in place. We share the secrets of strategies developed in our successful work with clients in over 100 other work groups.

At the heart of our approach: Personal Responsibility. We focus everyone on their shared responsibility for problems and solutions. Accountability becomes the standard. You reduce threats of litigation and control your risk. Best of all, coming to work is good again. Really good.

Overview of our Firm
Newcastle Consulting is a full service Human Resources and Organizational Development Consulting Company. We provide

a wide range of employee

training, human resource

management, and organizational development services.  We are a firm of capable and committed professionals with a history of achievement. You get complete access to our expertise and lessons learned from all our clients.